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Yeah, it's pretty shitty. Everything is. I'm just exhausted...I don't know what I'll do if nothing shows up on my blood work. I just walked the two blocks to the coffee shop, and I feel so wiped out my legs are throbbing and I can barely keep my eyes open sitting at my desk. I can't even type at a normal speed. I've had to tell my boss that I can't go to South Carolina to do the presentation I was assigned weeks ago -- he is hugely sweet and understanding, and I've prepped most of the presentation already and can just coach the substitute tomorrow, but it's getting increasingly difficult just to get to work. It's a ten minute walk to the train, and ten more from the train to the office, and I find myself barely able to make it. A month ago I was getting up every morning at 6am to do an hour of intense cardio on an exercise bike, 10 minutes each strength training and yoga, and then walking 6 miles home after work every day...

And I still have a horrible feeling my doctor is going to call and sy my blood work turned out all fine.

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