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You know having thought about it some more if the Founders had all died and Dukat or hell even Damar was still running Cardassia at the time the Federation and its allies might have been screwed.

I mean there was only one Founder shown running things in the Alpha Quadrant and many of the Jem'Hadar and Vorta might not have even seen any Founders before let alone this one, so whats to stop an ambitious Cardassian like Dukat from coming along and convincing Weyoun to keep the Founders deaths quiet?

I mean Damar was able to convince Weyoun to try to kill Odo who is considered a Founder so getting him to keep the rest of the Vorta and Jem'Hadar in the dark about their god's death wouldn't be to much of a stretch.

Now imagine if the Cardassians use this leadership void and the blackmail opportunity they would now have to get more power with the Dominion to the point of controlling it. There goes any hope of a Cardassian rebellion. And what if the Breen still ally with the Dominion?

I really can't help but think the federation got lucky with the virus situation, it could have easily blown up in their faces, and the at this shows that Section 31 is too reckless to be trusted especially since theirs is nobody to check them.
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