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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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^I don't think that scene in "Spock's Brain" is stupid. In fact, I think it's one of DeForest Kelley's finest moments on the show. The way he delivers that line, "A child could do it!" -- it's awesome.
To each his own, and I agree De's work is great. But at this point in the episode, I find it difficult to take much of this seriously. It's just been too "out there" for me to consider the situation important. The score, which is, again, great, works very hard, but much as I enjoy the episode, I'm not buying it. But that's just me. "Spock's Brain" is a guilty pleasure, but I'm well aware it's Irwin Allen worthy (on Irwin's best day).

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But there are some cues from "The Enemy Within" that I do tend to associate more with "Arena." And the portion of the "Spock's Brain" score where the Morgs are stalking the landing party and about to attack tends to remind me more of its uses in other episodes like "The Savage Curtain."
I'm the same way with cues from "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" used in "Arena." The much used "Ruk Protect" for example.
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