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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Whereas I often do notice that a tracked cue doesn't fit the action very closely. Decades of watching and rewatching shows with tracked music gave me a feel for when the music was tailored to the scene and when it wasn't. And as a rule, I prefer the former. Tracked cues often do feel like rough or marginal fits to what's onscreen, especially if they're built around themes that were specifically meant to represent particular characters or entities from the episode they were written for. (One instance that comes to mind is a cue from the animated series Gargoyles that was written for a scene of martial-arts sparring and thus had a loosely Japanese flavor to it. It was frequently reused as just a generic action cue in later episodes and didn't fit as well. And the distinctive theme for the character Macbeth was often used in contexts having nothing to do with Macbeth, which was annoying to me.)

And sometimes you're limited by the style of the available music. I've said before that I think "A Piece of the Action" would've been stronger if they'd ponied up for an original score that fit the Jazz-Age mobster milieu.
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