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Re: Is worf a Federation Citizen

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The aliens of Trek are insufficiently creative, Sci.
That may be. But the concept of citizenship is a necessary development when you have neighboring polities whose populaces may cross borders and otherwise intermingle -- which is certainly the case for the Star Trek Universe. You have to have some way to define "ours" and "theirs" when you have separate polities; it's inherent to the definition of a polity.
I agree, but I suggest the concept of "citizenship" for some alien societies may be no more sophisticated than "same species" or "different species".
I don't disagree, but the Federation is itself comprised of so many different species -- and seems to attract so much immigration from non-Federation worlds -- that it would almost have to develop a legal concept of citizenship that's more sophisticated than that.

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Re: Nog. I see no reason why Nog could not have acquired Federation citizenship some time after entering the Academy -- and I see no reason why Nog couldn't have continued serving in Starfleet without obtaining Federation citizenship, provided the Federation and Ferengi Alliance never became enemies.

Also, I don't think the Federation would require its Presidents to only be natural-born citizens. Too many worlds are likely joining the Federation all the time for that to be practical; you'd have a situation where an entire planet full of potential Federation Presidents would be discriminated against for the highest office for upwards of thirty years after a planet joins the UFP. It seems more rational to me to hypothesize that the Federation Presidency is legally open to any Federation citizen, irrelevant of whether they are natural-born or naturalized citizens.
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