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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Must rescue this thread from oblivion. Never fear, Sargon is here.

As I go through the music, I find myself noticing how some cues work better in episodes they were tracked in, rather than those they were composed for. A great score for a crappy episode can work so much better in a good episode (whereas a great score for a great story works best in its home episode). An example would be the cue from "Spock's Brain" called "Magic Helmet #2" where Bones puts on the teacher hat. It's a fantastic cue that tries so hard to make what's happening seem important, but falls flat because the situation is just so damned stupid.

However, that same piece of music is used in "The Tholian Web" as Kirk is finally beamed back aboard. In contrast to "Spock's Brain" the music here works beautifully. It underscores the desperation, the last ditch effort and then finally the feeling of victory that they got him back just in time. It makes the scene memorable and caps a fine episode perfectly. In fact, whenever I hear that cue, I think of Web over Brain every time.

Anyone else finding this as they listen?
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