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Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

There are a number of episodes like those on TNG, crew member wakes in another reality, spends the majority of the episode there, trying to get back to the real reality. I think most of the major cast got in on one, or more.

The episodes very in quality from the excellent Yesterday's Enterprise and Inner Light, to the ok I guess Remember Me.

It always bugs me though that Inner Light did what Remember Me did and took us out of the alt reality that our protagonist was cast into for a moment. I would never think that Picard was really this husband on a dying planet, but it was interesting to see where he would go in the reality. Not so interesting, was a cut back to the Enterprise, where the rest of the crew have nothing else to do but issue technobabble on the bridge.

Not much of a critique that, but it just bugged me that Inner Light didn't get to keep up the same intensity that Yesterday's Enterprise did. There was no release for either the audience or the crew, which helped maintain the tension until the very end. It makes me wish for a fan edit of Inner Light that takes away the bits on the bridge (or that I had the know how to do that myself).
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