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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Tacking into the Wind (*****)
My favorite episode of DS9, I think. So many great moments.

While the culmination of the Klingon storyline is certainly great, as is Damar's continued evolution, what stands out to me most is what an amazing character Kira is at this point. This episode is a really great showcase for her, even though it's not mostly about her.

It's also a bit unusual in that Garak works really well here as a supporting player, rather than scene-stealer. His interaction with Odo at the beginning is a really strong moment that harkens back to The Die is Cast. The torture scene is the first time we see Odo in that type of condition, I believe.

Sisko's "Do whatever it takes, Mr. Worf." is also classic. It takes a while for Worf to really come around to the idea, but what Sisko means is immediately obvious to us: "Kill him if you have to."
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