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Re: Bungie's Destiny

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Well, I guess "we just don't want to make a PC version" wouldn't play as well in the press. They'd rather look arrogant than lazy.

Thing is, being in the gaming business as long as they have, they really should know better than to be making statements like that. FPSes on consoles have gotten better, yes, largely due to better and more accurate gamepads, but there is still a rather large portion of gamers who wouldn't even think of playing FPSes on them, as PCs is where most of the hardcore gamers congregate, and where professional gaming leagues were born. It strikes me as an ignorant statement for them to make. Even now though, there are enough differences between PC FPSes and those on consoles, and I guess what they really want to do is a console FPS and continue more along the lines of what they've created with the Halo franchise than create a PC style FPS.
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