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Re: Lost opportunity for Federation during the Dominion War

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In one episode Odo takes the form of the Female changeling to fool a Dominion crew. If Odo was capable to taking her form and imitating her, why didn't he do that more often? He could have ordered entire fleets to stand-down. Odo didn't even need to link with her in the finale, in order to convince her to end the war. He could have just imitated her. Once she was captured, Odo could have pretended to be her and ended the war.
It would have made a lot of sense from a logistical point of view, but I don't think it would have been in keeping with Odo's character. He seemed to be generally averse to impersonating humanoids, likely due to his general lack of ability in that regard. Even though he was able to imitate the female changeling's form better than most humanoids, he would have probably been more reluctant to do so.

There's also the small matter that changelings can sense each other. While the female changeling was the most visible, it's likely she wasn't the only one around, and that another changeling would have been able to figure out that he wasn't her.

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Also, I was wondering, why did Odo get sick from the Changeling illness last, when he was infected first?
The virus was specifically tailored so that Odo would act as a carrier without manifesting symptoms. Section 31 had no idea how long it would take after they infected him at Starfleet Medical before he'd finally link with the other changelings, so they knew they'd have to make the illusion last, possibly indefinitely. They couldn't afford to have the symptoms of the virus manifest before he linked, otherwise the jig would have been up. Eventually it did affect him, but that's probably based on an imperfection in the design of the virus.
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