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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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No reason to bring on a Comics Fan Favorite just for the little screen time and impact he's had so far.
Look what they did to Michonne and unlike Tyrese she's part of the main cast.
Right, she's part of the main cast. True, they haen't really given her any lines, but, she's been around the whole season and part of everything. Tyrese, pretty much spent 2 or 3 episodes in a cell, and dug a grave.

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One thing is confusing. I'm not getting Glenn's over-the-top anger and frustration at everything. Maggie wasn't raped and even told him so but Glenn is still acting like a fool on a rampage.
I think it's a "Macho" thing. He should've been able to protect her, it happened on his watch, etc, etc. From personal experience, it seems to me that actually is quite a common type of reaction from certain personality types, when something bad happens to their lover or child, it becomes all about them, and their guilt, rather than about the actual victim.
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