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Re: What episodes of TNG should I watch before First Contact?

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Yeah. While I always recommend people have to watch Space Seed before Wrath of Khan, people could watch First Contact without seeing any TNG eps.
I don't feel like Space Seed is required viewing before seeing TWOK. All you need to know about Khan and his followers is spelled out for you when you meet them, and that he hates Kirk (intensely obvious). In fact, the reveal that Khan is even on the planet in the first place is intensified because you don't know the significance of Seti Alpha V.

A good script, especially film script, assumes nothing about the viewer and is able to engage both those familiar with the work as well as those unfamiliar. TWOK (and Star Trek '09) are examples of genre films that can be enjoyed by someone who had never seen an episode of Star Trek in their life.
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