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Re: New Frontier?

I'm still in the middle of New Frontier (don't even have the Excalibur-A yet ) but I'd like to see it brought back and tied into The Continuity again. Even if the series ends, some of the characters could be transferred and put on good use elsewhere (like Tuvok after the end of the first VOY Relaunch).

Just my personal opinion, but I am one of those appreciating continuity. That's why I watch series like ST, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, My Little Pony, etc. - because what happens in one episode may influence another. That's why I don't watch The Simpsons or read TOS 5YM.

In my humble opinion, to the don't-care-about-Continuity reader it doesn't matter whether IFM fits in or not, it's just a great read, some random adventure in a shiny fictional universe. But to those valuing The Continuity these adventures are not random but part of a mosaic forming a complex, diverse universe.

/my 2 cents
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