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"Glory in battle is not our way" is probably at the very top of The List of Things A Klingon Would Never Say, mind you.
True, I suppose the Salarians are more like those Romulan petaQ.

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I don't have a problem with it. The new Defiant was meant to be the Defiant A and if by some miracle the new Defiant is ever seen again on film, it will almost certainly be identified as the Defiant A. Perhaps this will happen if DS9 is remastered.
I think that would be an acceptable change if they ever do a DS9 remastered, as it was the original intention of the producers, but I fear that Paramount would baulk at the cost of redoing the DS9 battle scenes in HD and would just upscale them.

Tacking into the Wind (*****)

This is another episode where I debated with myself whether or not to give it 5 stars, and I decided to for one big reason. This episode is more than a culmination of recent events, and it's more than a culmination of events from throughout DS9. This episode is the end of a journey Worf started back in TNG, specifically the arc that began in Sins of the Father. In that episode, co-written by Ron Moore, Worf in the outsider that sacrifices his honour to save a corrupt empire, whereas in this episode, also written by Moore, Worf is the outsider that challenges that corruption to restore honour to the empire. To do so, Worf must kill the man that he made Chancellor, and whose army he once fought in. This is a decade of stories spread across two series that ends with Worf briefly at the pinnacle of the Klingon Empire. It's good stuff.

Also of note are Ezri's wonderful speech about the death of the Klingon Empire, a speech that only Dax could make, and Sisko's order for Worf to do "whatever it takes" to stop Gowron. Picard, he is not.

It has not been in development quite as long as Worf's tale, but this episode also sees the conclusion of Damar's transformation from villain to hero. He may have been working against the Dominion for the last few episodes, but this is the episode where Damar decides that he doesn't just want the old Cardassia back, he wants to make a better Cardassia. Without outright saying it, he acknowledges Cardassia's cruelty and arrogance, particularly towards Bajor, and decides that it must end. There's a wonderful scene where Kira jabs him right after learning that his family has been killed that is almost painful to watch. This not only works to prod Damar onto the path of redemption, it's also a reminder that Kira, for all the maturity and restraint she has gained, still has that angry Bajoran inside her.

While this is happening, Odo is deteriorating rapidly, and there are some great moments for him, Kira and Garak that feed off of that. I really love the final moments of this episode where Kira tries to comfort him as Odo seems to accept his impending death.

Interestingly, while the Final Chapter thus far has maintained multiple story arcs throughout each episode, Tacking into the Wind really only has an A and B plot, with a tiny C plot on the side. Bashir and O'Brien have two scenes where they discuss how they're going to get the cure from Section 31, which sets up the next episode's exciting showdown!

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