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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I would like to read a lot of the newer Voyager books, which the library doesn't have, but I'm not willing to pay what they cost at this point. I know I'm missing some interesting stuff, like the last Borg invasion that keeps getting mentioned and why they aren't around anymore, or why a Trill counselor is in command of a starship (Seriously, Ezri gets a ship? Who gets one next, Bashir? Nog? Are they just handing them out now?) but paying more than $1-2 for a book just isn't something I like doing unless I absolutely have to.
If you want to read a book, can you request the library orders it? That would enable you to read e.g. VOY without paying more than $2. There's also always Kindle - no shipping costs, no shelves filled to the brim with murdered trees.

Concerning Ezri, Bashir, Nog and Co.: Ezri moved to command track and earned her ship. Bashir is a Commander and technically only one pip away from command, though I think he would have to serve as executive officer first. With everyone except people on the Enterprise (and Voyager in the 70s) receiving promotions more or less regularly, it is only a question of time until everyone ends up as captain. Unless, of course, they desert Starfleet or die.
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