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Re: NuTrek spinoff series: you're the producer

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Well, for those of us that are fans of the Star Trek universe rather than the JJ Abrams universe... we'd like to see a show set in that one.

A show set in the same era as the current remake series would feel like Star Trek has been set back almost 50 years. I preferred Trek as an evolving linear continuity. So many different people and ideas have been added to Trek since its inception that it is fun to analyse how the galaxy develops from The Cage until the end of DS9. And to then think where it can go from there.

It's kinda boring erasing all that evolution with a giant reset button shaped like JJ Abrams' face.
And since you already excluded the final 6 years in your own personal continuity(VOY, ENT, NEM), I imagine you won't have a problem excluding everything else too. The rest of us are glad someone has found a way to attract Star Trek to the larger audience that isn't interested in fanwank continuity porn.
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