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Re: problems with Damar and Kira

I think part of the reason I was quickly turned off by Kira's character was because of what you all have said, that her being able to basically kick male's butt no matter what his size and/or military background was just too unrealistic for me. Its okay for her to be a badass but no one is that much of a badass.

And her constant whining about Bajor this and Bajor that and the occupation, at least to me, got real old real quick. But that's just my opinion on the character.

I did like Damar and his arc and I saw why he and Kira needed to work together and put aside their hatred, but with that being said I think it just happened to quickly for my liking. I mean do people real "get over" their differences and hatred for others that quickly? Yeah I know its a tv show and time considerations are always a factor. I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only fan that was somewhat bothered by some of these same things.
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