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Very well. I'll amend my original "claim" to say that "Clearly someone in the Section 31 leadership, if such a thing exists, saw a potential threat at the same time as the rest of Starfleet and the Federation political leadership, and while trusting the UFP to seek a diplomatic solution to the potential threat, and trusting to Starfleet to competently defend the UFP, sought a weapon with which to attack the Dominion leadership. This search for a weapon resulted in the development and deployment of the morphogenic virus." Does that suffice to soothe you? Are your hackles no longer raised? Will you get off your high horse and stop seeing me as some pro-genocidal supporter (even if it is only fiction)?

And please cite the episode, at the very least, that supports your claim that "some" Founders weren't involved in running the Dominion. I really don't recall any dialogue supporting that idea.
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