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why so many unfavourable comments about Bareil?

I keep reading comments where people say he's just boring and pointless.
I don't get that. Yes, he's a quiet personality, that doesn't mean he hasn't got one!

I thought Philip Anglim did quite a lot with the role, portraying him with both strength of character and a subtle quirk of mischief. I found him a good counterpart to Winn in that his belief was more sincere while lacking her dogmatic fanaticism. And I like the unruffled way he let all of Winn's attempts to rile him simply roll off his back.
With his way of resting in himself he'd also have made the perfect match for unstable firecracker Kira - they'd have complemented one another.

I know why it played well for dramatic reasons but I for one was sorry to see the character die.
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