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We've seen worse. In any case, I can see Saban wanting to fast-track this one for the dino-angle alone. Over Go-Busters, perhaps?
No, Go-Buster will be adapted before Kyoryuger, Saban doesn't get to decide which seasons he adapts, it has to be in order.

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Modern Yellows? Hurricanger..?
Hurricanger is not modern, it aired in 2002, that's ancient considering sentai is targeted at five year olds. The last male yellow was in Magiranger in 2005, still long before the current target audience was born.

However, I still think it's idiotic to say kids might think a male yellow is feminine because of the color. You want strong characters, show them being strong. And if they don't want a male ranger who could be seen as feminine, why did they decide to give black some pretty feminine poses? Not that the poses make him weak, but neither does the color yellow.
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