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Re: What were they thinking? AVENGERS style TREK

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Well that is a shame Clegg you fail to understand what that means.
I understand plenty, like how backpedaling from a thoughtless and tasteless broad generalization makes one look unsavory.
The only thing you seemed to understand is the judicious use of insidious forum troll posting.

There is no broad generalisation, just a very specific swipe at poorly written and poorly acted female characters like those in DS9 and VOY, the sort of TV movie, direct-to-video quality that anyone with a creative mind would never put to the big screen.

Some of you chaps can defend poorly written and poorly acted female characters till the cows come home, at the end of the day all those high profile movies feature instantly engaging female characters , this works better than the irate and contentious women you find in DS9/VOY.

A good comedian should never have to explain their own jokes, same as a good singer on stage doenst need to be a total attention seeking try hard, you either have it in you to engage the viewer or you do not.

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