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Pope Allegedly Sought Immunity For Abuse Crimes Just Before Resigning LINK

Said immunity was sought because rumors has it that some international body was about to issue an arrest warrant for the Pope. Here's a link to a whole mess of links about such, via Google LINK
Very interesting.

I consider it very unlikely that the Ex-Pope will go to jail. Even if he will end up in a trial and found guilty.
Considering his age and health the worst that will happen to him is some form of mild house arrest and the church will happily provide a nice golden cage for him.

I hope, though, that this will trigger a full blown investigation that destroys this conspiracy once and for all and the church gets new people in charge who are on the side of justice for a change.

If that happens the whole celebacy thing should also be abolished, as it's a major driving force of priests acting on their darker impulses.

And they need to know, that they can and will be held responsible.
Everone that commits those atrocities in the first place and everyone who helps with cover-ups.
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