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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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I never understood why Starfleet would have other Excelsior class ships under construction when they still hadn't proven that the prototype was workable?
There likely was nothing wrong with the Excelsior as far as its basic spaceframe and systems was concerned. The switch of the ship's registry to NCC-2000 likely signalled the point the design went into mass production and it may have happened five or more years before Star Trek VI (enough time for Starfleet to develop a variant design), IMO.
I would think that the innards would have to be redesigned to integrate a standard warp reactor vs. the transwarp drive variation.
Not necessarily. Even if other Excelsior-class ships weren't equipped with transwarp drive, there could have been enough room in the design for a conventional warp drive, with the extra space repurposed for other onboard systems and facilities.
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