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Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

I've been reading comments on the forums and other sites from fans saying 'they should do a VOY movie' or 'they should do an ENT movie', basically the same statement for all the series.

Personally as a fan, I would love to see this but I can understand why Paramount wouldn't want to commit to a movie based on the lesser known Trek series, because it would mainly be us fans rather than the wider movie going public that would go to see it.

But what about direct-to-DVD? Paramount haven't yet went this route with Trek. Direct-to-DVD movies are generally made on a comparatively low budget, aimed at a comparatively smaller audience, they often turn a profit and as a result I could see, say a DS9 direct-to DVD-movie doing well. Do you think this is something we might see in the future and do you believe it would be worth Paramount's while?
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