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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

The Search for Spock wrote:
UHURA: Would you look at that?
Indicating its a ship class she has never seen before.

The Search for Spock wrote:
KIRK: My friends, the great experiment. The Excelsior, ready for trial runs.
Indicating that it hasn't been out testing those engines yet.

The Search for Spock wrote:
KIRK: Tut tut, Mister Scott. Young minds. Fresh ideas. ...Be tolerant.
This would seem to indicate the ship/class is new.

Why would they quit building their workhorse class (Constitution), when their envisioned work horse hasn't even been through trial runs yet? And if the Excelsior had already been flying at incredible speeds, why would hey abandon the project because of a little sabotage?

I stand by my assessment that the 1701-A is a new build that was constructed under another name, much like the 1701-E.
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