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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

I've met a number of the actors through the years. Fortunately no bad experiences with any of them. Here's my impressions of each:

William Shatner - I'd heard stories about him being rude and not even speaking to fans, so when I said "hi" to him and got a "hi" back I felt pretty good, lol. He was perfectly polite for the short time I had with him.

Leonard Nimoy - About the same as Shatner. Very polite, but not much time with him as there was a huge line.

George Takei - Very chatty and friendly, seemed to be having a great time.

Walter Koenig - More reserved, but very nice

Patrick Stewart - Polite and dignified, just got a cursory greeting from him as we were being rushed through the line by the organizers

Jonathan Frakes - Really friendly and likes joking with fans

Brent Spiner - He was with Frakes when I met him, very nice

Michael Dorn - Very nice but more reserved

Avery Brooks - One of the friendliest I met. At our photo op he pulled me in for a big hug, very outgoing and loved engaging with fans

Nana Visitor - Lovely person, very friendly

René Auberjonois - Nice guy

Armin Shimerman - Very friendly and was having a good time

Robert Picardo - He was more reserved but seemed to be having fun

Jeri Ryan - Very beautiful in person, sweet and friendly

Scott Bakula - Very down to earth and a nice guy

Connor Trinneer - Extremely nice and engaging guy, he even showed up at the bar to chat with fans. My dad was with me and was thrilled to get to talk to him as he hadn't bought any autograph or photo-op tickets.

McKenzie Westmore - Met her at a Passions event, very lovely

Chase Masterson - Very nice

Dean Stockwell - Reserved but very polite

Christopher Lloyd - Friendly and nice
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