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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

Regarding Rigel, and the odd dialogue on the star system of that name in "Broken Bow"... What does the novelverse say about Beta Rigel or its relationship to the more familiar Rigel in the Orion constellation, exactly?

In the Carey novelization of "Broken Bow", Archer associates the word "Rigel" with the blue giant in the Orion constellation, hundreds of lightyears from Earth, despite T'Pol explicitly saying it's a star system just fifteen lightyears away from their current position. There's no room for "Beta Rigel" there, not unless we assume Archer is a moron and has no idea where his ship currently sails, and never grasps the fact that his team hasn't visited the constellation Orion star system. And even then there'd be a little bit of an oddity between warp 4.4 being only thirty million kilometers per second, their destination being just 80 hours away, and the ship still being within 15 ly of the "real" Rigel...

Do other books tackle the odd "Broken Bow" dialogue differently, to plausibly explain why our human heroes seemingly don't recognize the name Rigel at all?

Just asking - but this ought to have some impact on which of the Rigelian species should get assigned to Beta Rigel and which ones to the other Rigels out there.

Timo Saloniemi
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