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Re: February 22, 1993 - Happy 20th Anniversary Babylon 5!

I came in late, with the DVD releases. Back then, I was more into superhero comics than space opera, and then I read "Rising Stars" and heard that this was the guy who created B5, and since I really liked RS, I gave it a shot with season 1. And I totally fell in love with it, and re-discovered my love for space opera.

In hindsight, I'm actually glad I waited for the DVDs, because if I had catched it on TV, I'd have had to listen to that awful dub they did for Germany (complete with quite a lot of mis-translations).

Sheridan really liked blowing shit up, didn't he? B5's resident pyromaniac.
If I remember the actors' commentary track on "Thirdspace" correctly, they called him "Nuke 'em" Sheridan.
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