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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

You do have to wonder at the logic of building a theme park around one individual. I wondered whether she had a life sentence or not? I imagined he was counting the days off her sentence which suggests it is finite. You do have to wonder at the logic of punishing someone who can't remember who they are, although its obviously about mob rule by this point.

I dunno, maybe I just wasn't in the mood because I didn't overly enjoy it. Frankly by the end I felt like Charlie Brooker had walked up behind me and hit me over the head with a sledgehammer. I think there was the kernel of a decent idea here, but I thought the direction lacked something, I’m sure it was supposed to feel creepy and threatening but I just never felt it, but then maybe that was the point and we were supposed to realise it was all being staged. Certainly when the reveal happened I wasn’t the least bit surprised, and actually at this point the show got somewhat more interesting, although then it got silly again.

And let's be honest, given that people have candlelight vigils outside of US prisons for murderers being executed, you'd have thought there would have been protests of some kind in this situation, irrespective of what she's done the entire population aren't going to go along with that.

Last week's wasn't perfect but it was more subtle, and actually creepier. Next week’s looks like it should be awful, which probably means it’ll be the best of the three…
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