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Re: Any old timers still around?

Naah, it has nothing to do with your actual age, only with the date of your registration. Or first registration, in my case, as I am a "recurring character"
Besides, you've registered here 9 years ago, so you aren't exactly a baby yourself

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That is, after I get past the screen that incessantly asks me for all my phone numbers, addresses and other PI.
That's precisely why I use an emulation. No personal questions asked.
For the same reason I quit facebook after a few weeks. They kept asking me for personal info which in their TOS they openly admit to selling to third parties. (they say that they respect your privacy, yet your real name, date of birth and all your pictures and posts belong to them!)

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I don't remember "the TKers" claiming that LizardLaugh was banned...
I don't recall if it was Red or RobL but either of them said she had gotten banned for leaking BR stuff to TK. I'll check my old chat logs, maybe I can find a reference to her.

Rama, I had a look at myspace but it appears her account there got deleted. Of course, it's possible that she just changed her name.
I googled a bit but couldn't find anything newer than 2007 with her name in the net.
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