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Re: TNG Caption This! 305: I, Caption

Riker: (jumps up from his seat, screams) The Borg? NOOOOooo!! (Runs toward turbo lift, as the camera follows, the doors open, Riker jumps in and spins around and screams) No! NO! NOOOOO! (Doors close, camera cuts to shot of crew, everybody sits in an uncomfortable silence for a moment then Worf walks down to stand next to Picard)
Worf: "The Borg, sir."

Picard: "Ahh, Counseler, you wouldn't have any idea what has happened to Number One's self-confidence would you?"
Troi: Do you know who has to listen to all his "Risa this" and "Risa that" crap do you? Every day, Captain. Every Damn Day!"

Picard: Well hello my little viral infection.

Picard: (Muffled by the towel)"Oh god does this remind me of how we met."

Picard: "That's it? "
LaForge: "Well sir I know it doesn't look like much but,..."
Data (interrupting):"It is a two dimensional representation of a four dimensional mathematical construct, sir. What do you want, Fireworks?"
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