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"The ocean becomes a drop. The drop becomes the ocean."

Isn't that pretty much the way the Female Founder described her/its/their relationship with the Great Link? Do you really suppose the Founders have the exact same concept of individuality as Solids do?
Considering that plenty of real-life cultures have very different conceptions of individuality and group identity than modern America? Of course not. But it remains a canonical fact that there are separate Founder individuals -- however differently they conceive of their relationship to others -- and that not all Founders are involved with running the Dominion.
And which Founders weren't involved in running the Dominion?
Don't know. Doesn't matter. We know, canonically, that some weren't -- that's all it takes to establish the existence of innocent civilians within the link.

Starfleet was very clearly perceiving the Dominion as a threat by early 2371 -- that's why the Defiant was stationed at DS9. That Starfleet Command did not decide to engage in genocide does not mean that it didn't take the Dominion seriously as a threat and that only Section 31 had the foresight to see the war coming. Everyone knew the war was coming by DS9 Season Four.

You are presenting a ridiculous and false premise -- that only if you are prepared to engage in pre-emptive genocide are you seeing a threat. This is absurd.
Whoa. I'm not presenting anything.
You said, and I quote, "Clearly someone in the Section 31 leadership, if such a thing exists, saw a potential threat years ahead of anyone else in the UFP..."

This statement only makes sense if you define preparing for pre-emptive genocide as "seeing a potential threat" and define all of Starfleet's numerous preparations for conventional conflict undertaken between 2371 and 2373 as "not seeing a potential threat."
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