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Re: New Frontier?

Janos wrote: View Post
this unprofessional editorial administration apparently has indicated they have been in talks with PAD about NF, but for the last 2 years I have connected with PAD on FB and in both cases he said he has made overtures to the ST editorial that have not been responded to.
Keep in mind you're only hearing PAD's version. The current Pocket/Gallery editor, Ed S., was Peter David's editor on numerous Star Trek and non Star Trek projects - for many years, even when other editors were working on most of the other ST titles. It seems likely the two men have had some kind of falling out and do not wish to discuss the details in public.

How is Ed being "unprofessional"? It's not unusual for publishers to take a long time between communications. Admittedly, PAD and Ed know each other well but, as I said, neither of them want to air their differences.

ICW wrote: View Post
now we have to look at Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn as two novels who have a gigantic role in the current novel continuity.
No one seems to care that David R George III's best-selling "Crucible" trilogy went off on its own tangent.

Have you considered that some ST novels might be written for fans who do not like inter-novel continuity?
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