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Re: A problem with Captain Janeway

In Basics after Cullah liberated Voyager, he belted Janeway with the back of his fist and... Oh, Lets just look the bastard up.

JANEWAY: Culluh, I'd like to discuss what happens now.
(Culluh hits Janeway.)
CULLUH: You'll be given no more respect than any Kazon woman, now that your ship and technology are mine. I will tell you when you may speak.
JANEWAY: Allow my crew to live. They were following my orders.
CULLUH: You're even worse than she is. What is it about the women from your quadrant? You know, she contradicts me in front of the senior askara? My own woman disputing her Maje in front of others. This is your fault. You've let your women get out of control.
SESKA: You know you have my deepest respect, Maje.
But they're from the 9th century.

Human on human sexism isn't supposed to exist unless you believe Janis Lester.
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