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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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So there were never any Zombie movies in this universes?
practically everyone knows you have to shoot them in the head.
That didn't work in "Return of the Living Dead."

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I think that's how Michonne used her chained walkers. What other purpose would they serve--or possess some advantage she lacks?
I interpretted it as being the same as smearing zombie guts on yourself, she was using them to mask her savory-ness from other Zombies.

Though it is true as Borgminister and Sojourner have stated that she never did clearly answer why she had her "pets", they could just be her family members she couldn't bare to be parted from, could be why she understand the Governor so well. (I'm leaning towards masking though)
I thought Michonne was using the disarmed walkers to carry her stuff. They were pack animals for her.
I think both the "masking" and "pack animal" theories are true. No reason it has to be just one thing. Plus there's one more: Andrea mentioned how she could just slaughter them and her response was, "It was easier than you can imagine." I don't think they were beloved family members. I think they were abusers/abductors/someone she hated. She was keeping them around to torment them.
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