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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“We can run,” One pleaded. “The Guardians will be too consumed with the Thirteenth Tribe to pursue us—we can leave now and let Zoe and the humans kill each other!”

“And then what?” asked Caprica. “We no longer have access to grow new bodies; until the Five manage to reveal what they know, we are threatened with extinction—and do you believe that the humans will ever forgive us if we leave them here and now after promising them our aid?”

“They will not forgive us anyway,” snapped One.

“Does that matter, brother?” asked D’Anna. “We started all of this—and until we repent, perhaps we are not worthy of their forgiveness.”

“Are you mad? Worthy? Of their forgiveness?” One snorted. “We can run—we can run far away and rebuild. You are all thinking this, why do I have to be the only one who speaks it?”

“Frack this,” snarled Boomer. “We gave them our word—we voted on this. No more discussion—we must jump.”

“Humor me, little sister,” the One said condescendingly. “We go to our deaths, you all must realize that. If we do this, we will probably all die either at the hands of the Guardians or at the hands of the humans—they both hate us. I say we run. Two?”

Leoben shook his head. “God insists that we atone—we stay. Our part in his plan is not finished.”

D’Anna nodded agreement. “We must learn humility, brother. I say we fight, and if we die in that fight, we die doing God’s work.”

“I am not so certain,” said Four. “Perhaps it would be best to just flee.”

“Agreed,” Doral chimed in. “We have limited resurrection capability at the moment—if we engage we risk ourselves forevermore.”

“And we prove to God, humanity, and ourselves that we are willing to sacrifice everything in order to make what amends we can,” said Caprica. “That is three and three—Boomer, the Eights will decide.”

Boomer rubbed her scarred face and she nodded. “Hybrid, load all missile tubes—prepare to launch Raiders. Set coordinates to catch the Guardians in a cross-fire . . . and jump on my mark.”

“Systems . . . prepared for end of all that has gone before,” the Hybrid spoke.

Boomer waited until the others assumed their places and then she nodded. “JUMP!”
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