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Re: A problem with Captain Janeway

What would happen if Janeway got pregnant?

Captain Chakotay, Acting Captain Chakotay or still Lieutenant Commander Chakotay who's remit has suddenly quadrupled?

The gorgeous Ensign Wildeman was still working hard core despite having to carry a baby bump that looked like 2 hundred meat pies. I remember an episode where Neelix was pestering her to fix his replicator... That sounds dirty doesn't it?

Neelix really supported her looking after Naomi.

(I still think they were boyfriend/girlfriend.)

But are we supposed to think that failing to have a "partner" to share the raising of her child with, that Kathryn is going to leave her newborn on the holdeck for weeks at a time while she Captains the ship?

No I'm serious?

How much maternity leave is she allowed?

The US Navy currently allows for 6 weeks Maternity leave, and 6 days paternity leave.

In the real world the half of the relationship who has the shittier paying job looks after the kids, which means that Tom Paris in the original Time Line stayed at home with baby Miral and the chief engineer abided as the chief engineer.

Janeway will not have a relationship with anyone who lives on her ship.

If Janeway was still with Mark, or they got back together... Could they have beamed his sperm across the galaxy? Hell, given the technology if they had his dna on file they could make genetically identical sperm to Mark even if his sack hadn't made that specific spunk.

So she could make his semen with out Marks permission, actually they could make anyones sperm including Jim Kirks... If it wasn't for all the antiEugenics legislation, but if she made and used Mark's sperm, and used it without his permission, isn't that rape as well as a patent violation?
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