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Re: A problem with Captain Janeway

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I think a major problem with how Captain Janeway was written, was that she was written as "the woman captain", instead of a captain who happens to be a woman.
You're not wrong, in fact potential sexism was a problem some folks were concerned with when the show was being produced. They were too afraid that the first woman Captain in Trek (major woman captain anyways) having too much dissent and conflict with her crew would look bad.
How did it look after Genevieve Bujold ran off?

I think that would have given Mulgrew massive amounts of power on set, that she could have threatened to run away as well and something odd that happened once would be seen as a pattern confirming that women hate Star Trek almost as much as Star trek Hates Woman.

In the future, internally between humans sexism and racism doesn't exist. I remember reading about how Mulgrew was so proud of Janeway for accomplishing all that she had despite being a woman, when in the future that's simply not true, there's barely any isms left, and people just get on with it.
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