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"Fanwank" is, however, a good way to describe the idea that all Founders are the same individual and that there are no innocent civilian Founders...
"The ocean becomes a drop. The drop becomes the ocean."

Isn't that pretty much the way the Female Founder described her/its/their relationship with the Great Link? Do you really suppose the Founders have the exact same concept of individuality as Solids do?
Considering that plenty of real-life cultures have very different conceptions of individuality and group identity than modern America? Of course not. But it remains a canonical fact that there are separate Founder individuals -- however differently they conceive of their relationship to others -- and that not all Founders are involved with running the Dominion.
And which Founders weren't involved in running the Dominion? Odo and Laas? The other 98 changelings wandering through the galaxy? Maybe my memory is foggy, having only finished a rewatch of all of DS9 back in January, but I don't recall any changelings that weren't Founders and I definitely don't recall seeing any children amongst the Founders.

Starfleet was very clearly perceiving the Dominion as a threat by early 2371 -- that's why the Defiant was stationed at DS9. That Starfleet Command did not decide to engage in genocide does not mean that it didn't take the Dominion seriously as a threat and that only Section 31 had the foresight to see the war coming. Everyone knew the war was coming by DS9 Season Four.

You are presenting a ridiculous and false premise -- that only if you are prepared to engage in pre-emptive genocide are you seeing a threat. This is absurd.
Whoa. I'm not presenting anything. I'm just putting together the facts as presented in the canon. The bioweapon that Section 31 infected the Founders with did not spring out of thin air. Some lead time was required to develop it before it was deployed. Unless you want to argue that Section 31 is able to develop tailored viruses to recently-encountered species nigh overnight.
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