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If Janeway wasn't there, could the Kazon have taken the Array?

Here's the very important thing.

Caretaker was not going to blow up the array until after he had died of natural causes because he's a pussy, and he was not going to live with the Ocampa and then blow up the Array remotely because he's vain.

So the power bursts (How the Array was feeding the Ocampan city it's reserves) shot from the array to the underground city had been getting faster and faster, then stopped. Followed by the Array letting rip with it's blasters atomizing the power burst collector and sealing off the city just a bit better.

In the story we saw Maje Jabin gets curious about all this wierd shit and goes to investigate only to run into Janeway who was already on the case, and they go at it hammer and tong becuase she calls him "uncivilized".

Caretaker died of Natural causes about half an hour later, and it was an accident in the fight between the Maquis raider and the Kazon shuttles which cause the automated self destruct to be damaged... A tactic Cullah used later to seize Voyager, and since their entire fleet was stolen off the Trabe this might just be a bog standard manoeuvre for them.

If Janeway wasn't there, they had half an hour to get into the Array without Transporters, isolate the caretaker from anything that looked like a control panel and switch off or destroy the self destruct.

Doesn't sound impossible if they've been planning assaults on the array for the last 20 years since they annexed Ocampa.

So could they have taken the Array?
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