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Re: Is worf a Federation Citizen

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The UFP might have a definition of "citizen", but we never heard of it, did we?
We hear about Federation citizenship all the time throughout TNG and DS9, actually.

Can Worf be a citizen of the UFP? To Klingons, renouncing citizenship could be like pretending you don't have forehead ridges - it's impossible to deny the existence of ridges, and trying to do so would indicate some sort of delusion on the part of the denier.
I see no reason to assume the Federation ever required Worf to renounce Klingon citizenship. For that matter, Worf may have legally renounced Klingon citizenship by UFP law, yet have that renunciation go unrecognized by the Empire.

As for requiring citizenship to hold an office for the UFP, why would that be necessary? I reject the notion that everything about the UFP is descended directly from the US legal structure.
Uh, that's pretty much a function of every single country ever. You can't be President of Ireland without holding Irish citizenship. You can't be an MK in Israel without holding Israeli citizenship. You can't be a judge in Canada without holding Canadian citizenship. Etc.

That's not the U.S. That's a basic rule of civilization. You can't hold office in a state without being a citizen of that state.
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