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Re: A problem with Captain Janeway

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She was just a force of nature. Not sure how much of that had to do with her being a woman. Some people are just like that.

Archer was worshipped by most of his crew, I never got why (at least, in his pre-Earth saving days). Janeway just seems popular with her troops.
I don't buy that the former Maquis members would have fallen in love with her instantly. Sure the regular Star Fleet officers would bound by oath to serve her, but the Maquis do have no reason to like or respect her at first. Heck even some of the Star Fleet crew might have secretly blamed her for their situation and been passive aggressive towards her, if they were not written to love Janeway instantly. Plus when Dr. Crusher would relive Picard for medical reasons, Picard would usually defer to her authority, when the Doctor tried the same thing, Janeway threatened to delete his program. That made her seem like a control freak.

Plus the Voyager crew came off as a cult in certain episodes, instead of being a professional crew who just respected her. It didn't ring true, at all.

Also I don't find Archer a well written captain either, so comparisons to him are not particularly compelling.
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