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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

I've attended Trek conventions since 1992, and I've never had a bad experience with anyone.

- I met Kate Mulgrew about 15 years ago in Seattle. She was at a con that included pictures and autographs only for the expensive seats. During her stage time, she offered to pose for photos and sign autographs for FREE for anyone who would like one, and she stayed a couple hours extra to do so. When it was my turn, she complemented me on my Borg costume and joked around with me, saying "Seven, you've reverted!"

- A few years ago in Vegas, Suzie Plakson was walking in the hallway toward the main stage, and she saw me on a bench near the wall comforting my sad 3-year old. She walked over, squatted down to her level, stroked her hair, and asked her what was wrong. She chatted for a couple minutes with her and then went on her way.

-Two years ago in Vegas, I was dressed as Data an my daughter was dressed as Lal for a photo op with Brent Spiner. He smiled and said, "You have a beautiful daughter." and suggested we lean down a bit so she would be visivle in the photo too.

-Alexander Siddig- at a convention in Vancouver about fifteen years ago, I was dressed as an Andorian, and during the QA session after I asked him a question, he did a double take and said, "I'm sorry, what was the question? The way you look, I was expecting you to say 'Gblellelel glblggh glig" or something like that"

-Chase Masterson-- I've bought her music CDs at several conventions, and she has been very sweet and personalized her autograph on them each time.

-Armin Shimmerman spoke with me for several minutes and personalized his autograph on a Quark action figure for me.

- I am the guy dressed as Data that William Shatner photobombed at the beginning of "The Captains" documentary. A year later, he interviewed my wife and I several times over the course of the Vegas convention for "Get A Life", and he was focused and professional.

-I met Tim Russ last year-- he signed his CD (which I already owned) and took a photo with me, both free of charge. A nice guy.

-Marina Sirtis was at a smaller con, but she was nice and professional.

-Denise Crosby was very friendly and chatted with me for a while.

-Garrett Wang is SUPER friendly, laid back, and cool. He took a photo with me for no charge.

I was going to buy Max Grodenchik's CD a couple of years ago in Vegas based on the "Rubber Buttheads" song, but he saw I was pushing a stroller with my kids and he warned me that some of the other songs weren't kid-friendly, but he still chatted with me even though I didn't buy a CD. A very nice guy.

Robert Picardo took singing requests at a small con in Seattle I went to, and seemed pleased/proud when I requested "Borg Queen", his parody to the "Love Boat" theme.

Walter Koenig was very personable and having fun as a convention in Salt Lake City several years ago.

Robert Beltran complemented my wife's Seven of Nine outfit when we shared an elevator together in Seattle about eight years ago.

Maybe I've lucked out, but looking back, I've had good experiences every time :-)
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