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Re: Requiem for Methuselah (Spoilers)

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"You can't refuse us the ryetalyn." Oh really? So Starfleet is entitled to whatever they feel they have a need for? The Federation talks a good game about respecting rights but when push comes to shove they rely upon their so called defensive weapons to force their will upon others.
The eminent domain type of justification is a pretty good one.

Anyway, from a meta standpoint we know the teaser had to be harsh and dramatic to get people interested and make them stick around past the commercials.

If it weren't for that show biz need, Kirk could have handled the teaser a lot better. He could have said, "Mr Flint, don't send us away until you know all the facts." And then played to Flint's compassion and ego: "You can save every life aboard..."
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