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Re: "Best of both Worlds" - Special Bluray Release

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2. Do you think that, for BOBW, they will fix the whole "center of town" reference, and place the away team in the center of the crater rather than near it to reflect O-Brien's dialogue?
There's no need. Who's to say that the big hole wasn't just for the reactor and such, while the houses for the colony were all on the other side? That way, they could well be at the center of town, but the big underground part was only on one side.
You would have thought that they would have noticed there IS no town to be in the centre of from orbit ! Mr O'Brien can't see shit and does not know where hes beaming you.. he just taps his co-ordinates in and then presses the button Then he twiddles his thumbs in the Transporter room pretending to be busy waiting for the next planet to beam something to...
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