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- Using Bashir in 2375 to manipulate Romulan Senator Cretak into discrediting herself to the Romulan Continuing Committee, leading to the ascension to said committee of Section 31 mole and Tal Shiar Chairman Koval ("Inter Arma Enim...")
You know I know at least one Section 31 supporter who thinks that Koval wasn't playing 31 like a fiddle. But I can't help but think that is either naive thinking or seriously over estimating Section 31 becuase Koval is the head of an organization that is probably older and more experienced at backroom manipulations of other organizations than the new kid that is Section 31.

I mean seriously Section 31 only gets away with stuff becuase their secret, the Tal Shiar get away with stuff becuase everyone is afraid of them, which means they can get a lot more stuff to use and are probably less vulnerable seeing as they don't have to worry about being to big to stay unnoticed.

Sci wrote: View Post
And she would never have become so enraged as retaliate so disproportionately had she not been facing her own species' extinction. It made her enraged and irrational, far from the cool and detached monarch she had once been.
Of course I can't help but think the virus's degenerative effects may have also made her a little nutty as well.

Pavonis wrote: View Post
Sure, infected in 2372, but what was the lead time on developing the virus? Surely it didn't spring into being the minute it was wanted. Clearly someone in the Section 31 leadership, if such a thing exists, saw a potential threat years ahead of anyone else in the UFP, and had a weapon prepared in the meantime. Sure enough, the situation degenerated, and the weapon was deployed.
Making a biological weapons to wipe out a race when it still hasn't been determined if a major war is avoidable or not or even how destructive said conflict would be doesn't make Section 31 sound better.

It makes them sound like nutty reactionaries who will cause more harm than good becuase they over react and make things worse.

Imagine if the virus had been detected and exposed before the war. The federation would probably find itself facing the Dominion with no allies since it makes them look like genocidal paranoid reactionaries who would destroy the first people who they think might be a threat.
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