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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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what is this random scenario crap you keep going on about have you never watched any of the Dominion War episodes? Becuase those random scenarios are what usually happens in the battles shown which means pretty much they aren't random scenarios.

And no the particles don't help with major injuries which was shown when the chick Picard was interested in was injured in a cave in and said to be dying, she needed federation medical tech to survive.

So no I don't think that the particles will help in a war, mostly becuase you have done nothing to refute my point except to show that you have no idea how war works in Star Trek.

And it is not saying that tanks don't help armies that much because after all, you can't use them to clean the soldiers' clothes.

It is say that magic rejuvenation radiation will help soldiers except against bullets, explosives, and ect. aka what they usually deal with in combat.

it will enable soldiers to serve for much longer periods of time.
Which doesn't help the federation IN A WAR unless in drags on for decades at which point the quadrant is probably pretty screwed what with wrecked planets and destroyed fleets and space stations all over the place.

Federation science looked like it could do that just fine. And it can heal major injuries unlike the particles.

Wherein they can still be killed by weapons which wars are fought with, so all its doing is letting the federation catch up a little in the war of attrition but not enough to void endless supply of clones and speedy shipyards.

You can continue to bring up all of the scenarios you like in which the particles won't help, but it doesn't change the obvious ways in which they WILL help.
Which doesn't mean a whole lot when the scenarios consist of much of the fighting which if isn't addressed doesn't help the federation to win which means people get to spend their doubled lifespans in Dominion slave camps.

Saying "well they don't cure being vaporized" isn't a serious refutation, because no one is claiming that the particles will help in EVERY scenario that comes up in a war.
No you just treat being vaporized like its no big deal and ignore that increase lifespans and doing what federation science can already largely do aren't a game changer in a conflict where people are blown to bits, shot, spaced, and all other sorts of nasty demises which are the reason war is a nasty thing.

the Federation had no way of knowing at the time of INS that the war was not going to be a long one. Manpower will ALWAYS be important in a war, especially one fought over vast distances and for long periods of time. Continue to pretend that the particles wouldn't have helped as long as you feel like.
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