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Re: TNG Caption This! 305: I, Caption

Worf: Personal Log: Today the Captain made Commander Riker stand for hours during his duty shift. He claimed Riker knew the reason why. This caused me to wonder what in the name of Kahless I must have done to have to stand at my station for the past few years.

Picard: Look at the nacelles on her!

Troi: Excuse me, Captain?

Picard: Ah, the ship, Counselor, I was talking about the ship.

Troi: Sorry, sir, I just thought...

Picard: You just...oh, oh no Counselor, that would be highly unprofessional of me. I wouldn't dream of making comments about you like that.

Troi: Sir, I can't apologize enough for my misunderstanding...

Picard: Think nothing of it, Counselor. Now if you could just stand there for a few minutes while I finish up...Oh man, and that saucer section, the things I could do to that!

Picard: Okay, seriously, this time I did lower the force field, you can touch the area in front of you without getting zapped. I promise.

Hugh touches it and gets zapped

Picard: Tenth time he fell for it, and it's still funny!

Guinan: Still think going as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to this year's Halloween party was a good idea, Captain?

Picard: Very nice work, Data.

Data: Sir, if I may inquire, what do you plan to do with it when we're done.

Picard: Don't worry, it'll go on the fridge like all the other schematics you've made for me over the years, Data.

Data: Promise?

Picard: Yes, Data. Now go be a good android and get yourself ready for your power-down cycle. I'll be in to tuck your cords in once I'm done talking to Geordi.

Data: Can Geordi and I have a sleepover, please, please?

Picard: No, Data, both of you have a duty shift early tomorrow.

Data: We will behave ourselves, I promise.

Picard: Data, don't push it...
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