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Re: Does season 4 of enterprise have closure like DS9's finale had?

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I'm just defending ENT from the idea that not having a DS9 style finale lessened it. I like a good finale as much as anyone but I don't think a Trek series needs one to be great.. it's not like Lost or other conspiracy shows where you are pumped into wanting answers. It's just a pretty wrap up for the most part. To me the best part of DS9's finale was that it left Sisko's fate open ended.

And I would have loved a 5th season, reading the descriptions is almost painful because it would have been quite excellent.
That's cool. Also there are only two ways to get that DS9 level of closure really. The previous shows and movies set in the 23rd & 24th Centuries for the politics of Federation and various non-allied worlds. For the characters, the Pocket Book novels which having done the Romulan War, are now moving onto setting up more of what we might've seen, had they gone beyond 2161 and what the NX-01 crew move onto, career-wise.

Probably very unlikely ENT will get another mention in the JJ Abrams pictures, but you never know. They got away Scott-free with that throwaway line about Admiral Archer's prized beagle
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