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I'm not sure what happened with IFM and why we have no more NF. I do think, in reading the IFM thread that was linked to, I think it was either editorial oversight (at various stages) to allow some of those continuity issues to occur at all. As Lonemagpie noted, there were several check-ins with editorial through the writing process of IFM. I think it is pretty unprofessional of the editors to just ignore David for 2 years as opposed to tell him they plan to no longer have him write ST. I don't have an issue with editors changing their minds about what is or isn't continuity or even choosing to no loger use a writer. Hoever, they should be professional and let the writer know in both scenarios.

Also, this unprofessional editorial administration apparently has indicated they have been in talks with PAD about NF, but for the last 2 years I have connected with PAD on FB and in both cases he said he has made overtures to the ST editorial that have not been responded to. Pretty unprofessional on the current editorial's part. If you don't want to continue NF with PAD or what want to mothball it, why not tell PAD? Even if you don`t know what you want to do with NF, why not tell PAD you`re thinking about what do with the franchise and that you`ll eventually tell him. Editorial can choose to do anything with NF or not, but not returning a call(s) or e-mail(s) from creators is unprofessional.

I recently had lunch with a former ST prose editor. They did not reference the current regime or anything related to current Trek lit. However, when I was listening to their literary career path, what was interesting was that in the ``old days`` many of the editors were ST fans who also happened to be editors as a profession. I believe the current regime are editors who may or may not be fans or even well versed in ST lore or lit. I guess I don`t expect the current editors to be ST fans I guess, but I do expect them to at least know what they have approved under their watch and the major story and character beats going forward in their shared TNG ST universe.

That said, I get that errors can happen in a shared-universe among different creators, and they did happen before the current editorial regime. However, editorial not the writers need to take ownership of any significant missteps. Certaily I won`t worry about the usual small mistakes, but big ones like those in IFM are solely at the feet of editorial.

I don`t think we`ll get more NF by PAD under this administration nor, sadly, do I think we`ll see more from Lonemagpie under them. However, it isn`t because the writers aren`t willing.

That doesn`t mean that there aren`t great books coming out under the current editorial regime, it just means that they could be more professional generally and could do a better job in one much-beloved corner of ST prose (NF) and in potential line (IFM).

I had taken a pass on IFM when it came out not because the back cover blurb wasn`t intriguing, but because I was still getting caught up on my pre-Destiny DS9 and NF. Now that I am caught up with NF and have started Fearful Symmetry (with only Soul Key left to go before the Destiny Trilogy), I may just pick up IFM and plug it into my post-Destiny reading.

I have other thoughts on the state of editorial which I may get around to if I can dig up the thread that was created a while back on that subject. I just thought I`d share some IFM and NF thoughts.

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So I've read the other thread, and pretty much the only continuity problem I can see that can't (or hasn't already) been explained away is the Ogawa thing. Considering IfM takes place in 2383 and the last published Titan book takes place in 2382, couldn't they just say in a future book that Ogawa left Titan for awhile, then went back after the Challenger was destroyed?

The Nog thing has been referenced in a subsequent novel, Geordi being on the Challenger has been referenced in a subsequent novel, the Sela characterization apparently was explained away. The Leah Brahms thing? Didn't Christopher say there is 14 months or something inbetween, maybe they broke up and Harstad came back to the Enterprise?

I don't know, just seems stupid to throw out a book from the canon, when all you have to do is drop a few creative continuity fixes.
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